Considered as a dreamlike land, Dalat attracts tourists with the beauty of peace and romantic, that easily stimulates passionate love deep inside every heart. Once traveling to Dalat, your feelings about the colorful and serene city will last forever.

Topography and climate

Located in Lam Dong Province, the hill station was recommended by the French medical doctor Alexander Yersin in 1897, and in 1912 the city had been found. Dalat used to be the ideal holiday spot during colonial times for many tourists. Sometimes people remember Dalat as “Paris of the East”. With the height of 1500m above sea level and hilly topography, the weather of Dalat is mild and cool around the year. The average temperature is from 18°C to 21°C. In Dalat, you will have the chance to experience four seasons in just one day, the morning’s weather likes spring, and it turns to summer in midday. At four and five o'clock in the afternoon, the weather is cool like in autumn, and then at night, you will need a jacket to keep warm when walking outside. Thanks to these characteristics of nature, tourists can enjoy the fresh silent charming atmosphere and wonderful natural sceneries like hot spring (about 70 km from Dalat), waterfalls, hills, flower fields.

Top visiting places

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace is around 2.5 kilometers from the city center. With French-style architecture, the charming palace is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in Dalat. This palace was built under the dynasty of the last king of Vietnam’s feudal court- King Bao Dai. The Summer Palace is surrounded by French-style gardens and pine forest, with 25 rooms still furnished with its original décor, so tourists can discover the living of Vietnamese royal family.

Another destination contributes to the beauty of Dalat is Dalat night market. The night market was held since 1929 and located in Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street where vehicles are banned in the market for the safety of pedestrians. The romantic atmosphere of Dalat goes with neon lights from vendors make night market becomes a worthy destination. In night market, tourists have various choices of food. Under the cold climate of Dalat’s night, steaming hot pots of shell-fish or some girdle cakes are hard to resist.

It would be a huge mistake if you ignore the breathtaking scenery of flower gardens when traveling to the mountain town in Dalat. The best time to see picturesque attractiveness is in the winter season when flower fields are blooming and showing off their beauty. Here, you will see many kinds of flowers such as hydrangea, sunflower, cherry trees, purple jacarandas, or white radish flower. The beauty of these flowers will surely win the heart of Dalat’s visitors.

Whoever has come to Dalat could never forget Xuan Huong Lake, a popular icon of the flowerful town of romance. Located in the heart of town, Xuan Huong Lake is a major landmark of tourists and a magnet for honeymooners. With the crescent-shape and smooth surface, Xuan Huong Lake reflects the beautiful scenery of Dalat with peach trees, gardens and pine forests. Visiting this spot, tourists not only stroll in the balmy air along the lakeside but also take a rest under the pines or pedal on the lake watching great architecture of Thuy Ta Pavilion. Besides, Dalat still has many premium places to discover like Valley of Love-the suitable place for couples, Lake of Sighs (Hồ Than Thở), Dalat train Station, Langbiang mountain, Linh Phuoc Pagoda…