Five Most Popular Destinations Attract Young People To Check-In In Vietnam 2017

"Coi xay gio" bakery, Nguyen Hue walking street in Saigon, Hoan Kiem walking street in Hanoi or yellow walls in Hoi An ancient town are destinations attracting lots of young people to visit and check-in in 2017. Let's find out top 5 most popular destinations with 365 Travel

Hoan Kiem lake walking street – Hanoi

Officially operated in the early September 2016, walking street around Hoan Kiem Lake is a favorite place for both local people in Hanoi capital and foreign visitors on each weekend. The pedestrian walkway consists of 16 lines, opening from 7 pm to 12 pm every Friday to Sunday.

Coming here, visitors will have a chance to join many exciting folk games, such as bamboo dancing, mandarin square capturing or enjoy wonderful performances from street artists like playing the violin, saxophone, or modern dances.

Currently, many streets around Hoan Kiem Lake have parking lots at regulated prices. They also allow pedestrians to access free wifi and have public toilets which open 24 hours a day.

Yellow walls – Hoi An

For a long time, this one has become a place of inspiration for many photographers and young visitors who are interested in taking photos and check-in. In the city area, there are lots of unique old houses with specific yellow. In the sunshine, Hoi An ancient city appears to be more vibrant and stunning due to these yellow walls. This is one of the particular things impressing foreign tourists when they visit Hoi An.

Lam Vien square – Da Lat city

Lam Vien square was built in 2009 with an area of over 72.000 square meters. It is located in the center of “Love city,” overlooking Xuan Huong Lake. The architecture consists of many parts like a stand with a capacity of 15.000 people, the system of great fountains, parking lot, artistic streets, green trees, exhibitions, trade area and entertaining areas. The remarkable feature of this architecture is its artistic street which simulates the garden of 18m-high wildflowers and the rose-shaped or artichoke flower-shaped coffee shop with the height of about 15 m.

Coi xay gio bakery – Da Lat

The yellow wall with a red sentence belonging to Coi Xay Gio bakery attracts lots of visitors come here to visit and check-in. It is situated at Hoa Binh street and has retro-style colors and fonts. There are many beautiful fashion albums which are taken here.

Nguyen Hue walking street – Ho Chi Minh city

This is the first pedestrian walk side in Ho Chi Minh city. Like Hoan Kiem Lake walking street, Nguyen Hue walking street is also crowded on the weekend and the occasions of festivals. The remarkable feature of this road is the statue of President Ho Chi Minh which is located in front of the People’s Committee of HCM city. The architecture was officially opened on the occasion of 125th anniversary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh.

The street also has free wifi. There are also lots of activities performed by young artists in every evening making the atmosphere always bustling and dynamic.

If you have a chance to visit Vietnam or these particular destinations, remember to take photos, enjoy yourself in the dynamic atmosphere and explore more about the culture of Vietnamese people!